Justice League Pornography Story: Woven Fate – Chapter Three

Justice League Pornography Story: Woven Fate – Chapter Three

Chapter 2: Overload

The Justice League did not know what happened at that very moment. They were in the Watchtower together, and they felt a strange pain simultaneously burn into their brains. They were all on the floor. Every one of them. Clutching their heads, desperately wanting it to stop. It was strange for them, because they were getting floods of memories into their brains like distorted, chaotic rivers of water rushing across the land in a tsunami. They were getting so many memories at once, that it was like they were supercomputers downloading hundreds of different programs or even viruses from across the globe. What were these memories of exactly? They were the memories of a reality that didnt exist. Well it did now, but it was destroyed. All traces of it were destroyed. And now it was coming back to bite anyone who made contact with it. No. Bite was a severe understatement. It was more like having your arm ripped off.

Its like every single second of this realitys existence that the League came into contact with, was forcing itself to be remembered and experienced again. It was major overload for them right now, and it was painful. Very painful. It actually felt like it was a searing burn that you would feel if you caught on fire, except mentally instead of physically.

After the long moment of agonizing pain, Superman was the first to rise. He looked around in slight fear and surprise at what he had just witnessed.

Oh my god. Superman muttered weakly as he put a hand to his face. They we forgot.

Wonder Woman required Supermans help to get up, as she was considerably the most surprised. When the reality was eliminated, Wonder Woman was the one who was the most affected. She, the strongest warrior of her race, broke down into tears. Now however, she had just regained all of the memories she had lost, but how had such an event occurred?

Wonder Warrior. Batwoman Superwoman, I forgot about them. Diana whispered. But how?

Something with their reality being destroyed Batman groaned. He struggled slightly, but didnt get up. Green Lantern and Jonn stood up and helped Batman up.

Batman was the only member of the League without superhuman abilities, so the overload was the hardest on him specifically. He hated showing himself in weak situations, but he was too exhausted to care. He just allowed himself to be supported by Green Lantern and Jonns shoulders for once.

Wait it was destroyed right? Flash asked as he stood up rather slowly. You could tell he was weakened when he wasnt being fast about something. That did happen?

Youre absolutely right, Flash. Green Lantern said gruffly as he pulled Batmans arm further across his shoulder so Batman wouldnt slip. They died. We saw them.

If the reality was destroyed, then it never existed. Batman explained. It was destroyed, so in our minds, it didnt exist.

Wait. Does that mean its somehow existing again? Flash asked as if he couldnt quite grip what the heck was going on.

I guess so. Batman groaned. How else would we have such a memory overload?

Quite the overload. Green Lantern scowled while gripping his forehead. That headache is worse than a migraine.

I think we need to hold a meeting. Superman said as he watched Hawkgirl stand up.


My guess, is that the reality was revived by a powerful magical force. Either a master sorcerer or a god. Batman said while folding his hands across the table. The question is why it was revived, and who revived it.

Supposedly Diana began while tapping her chin, every reality mirrors one. In this case, our reality is the main reality. Their reality was a parallel mirror to it.

Therefore, if one disappears, a chaotic balance is created. Batman finished. Exactly.

Wait wait wait. Diana said while standing up and leaning her arms on the table. Who did this?


Batwoman sighed as she watched Lady Flash tap her fingers rapidly against the chair she was sitting on. Normally, such an occasion would irritate Batwoman; especially if it was her chair that Lady Flash was tapping, but right now, she was too deep-in-thought to care.

Impossible. Batwoman mumbled as she turned away from Lady Flash and rested her head in her palm. No

No what? Tell me your theories! Are you figuring it out!? Lady Flash hyperventilated.

No. Batwoman repeated again; completely ignoring Lady Flash. Im trying to figure out right now on who did this to us.

Wouldnt it be Donna? A familiar male voice called. The two women turned to see Wonder Warrior enter the room.

That does make sense, but think about it Dion. Donna doesnt have godly powers. How would she have been able to revive a whole reality? A whole universe? Batwoman mused.

I can answer that. A womans voice echoed throughout the room, which caused everyone in it (which was the whole League) to turn around and look. The woman was Donna Troy. Dions technical sister.

You! Superwoman said in shock as she stood up. Who? What? Where? When

How? Why? Donna finished with a small smirk. She bit her lip and walked to the centre of the room where the others shortly filed around her in expectation. I contacted Hera, and she used my life force to bring the reality back to proper restoration.

What! You could have died! Dion growled as he chastised her. Donna smiled at this. He was just like her sister except he was her brother which she wasnt actually supposed to have which right.

True, but a reality is more important than one person. Donna nodded. Anyway, I visited to see how you were all doing. You appear to be healthy and conformed.

Oh thats good. Batwoman said flatly. I was beginning to worry that Lady Flashs constant tapping of everything in sight was abnormal.

Well no. Donna said with a small laugh. That is very normal.

Are you sure? I think the reason shes so hyper is because she hasnt had her 20th iced mocha yet. Batwoman smirked as she glared at Lady Flash who just gulped and backed up.

Right. Your reverse-gender counterparts however, are probably very confused at the sudden memory overload. I will have to visit them and check. Donna said as she started to fade away.

All right. Tell Batman I said hi! Lady Flash said while waving. Batwomans eyes widened and she looked towards Lady Flash who just smirked and stuck her tongue out.

All right. Donna chortled softly as she fully disappeared.

I dont think we should go on any missions. Lady Flash added with a grin.

What was with the whole, say hello to Batman, thing? Batwoman growled slightly. Please dont tell me that you like him.

Eh! Lady Flash said in a startled shock. Ew! Man! No way! What theNo!

Im so not your type. Batwoman teased. She enjoyed the small moments of being able to tease Lady Flash. Normally it was the complete opposite situation.

I said that to tease you. Considering youre over-the-top serious! Lady Flash pointed out. This caused Batwomans smirk to morph into a frown.

Fun time was over.

Sorry that this chapter was short and boring. It’s one of those chapters that is there for the purpose of filling up gaps. So now that both realities are aware of each other’s existences again and everything, the real plot of interest, I promise, begins next chapter. More character interaction as well. :) Stay tuned!

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