Justice League Pornography Story: Diminished to Single Sentences Chapter Three

Justice League Pornography Story: Diminished to Single Sentences Chapter Three

Hmm. My Jonn voice makes my Wonder Woman voice look brilliant XD… Just goes to show you, I need more practise. But nonetheless, its his turn, and the prompts spoke to him.

I also totally took liberties with the last one, but you can cut me some slack there, right?

Jonn Jonzz.

001. Temptation: He may be over eight hundred (earth) years in age, but his resolve breaks easily despite this when Morgana offers to return to him that which he has lost.

002. Addiction:No, seriously, guys, I didnt mean to give him the… well how was I supposed to know Martians reacted like that to oreos?!

003. Greed: Self indulgence is not a native sensation for Martians or so he tells himself as, for the umpteenth time, he tunes into the farthest edge of Flashs subconscious just to listen to the fast-paced laughter buzzing inside of his mind.

004. Faith: There are no Martian Gods not anymore, at any rate.

005. Delusional: Lies all of it is lies, for he sees now that Morgana offers nothing but distant memories at too great a cost.

006. Innocence: You are the little girl whos lost, arent you… no, its alright, I wont harm you, I promise: this… This is simply how my kind speaks sometimes.

007. Stained: They are… different these days, their thoughts more disjointed and distant and torn apart by inner, petty conflicts; and yet, the others think that Jonn is the one whose attitude has changed…

008. Procrastinate: Over five hundred years beneath the Martian sands in a protected chamber… Jonn has learned a thing or two about occupying himself.

009. Dirty: He is unsure how to explain it how the sour thoughts and tainted feelings of others seems to imprint itself upon his very soul , and feels certain that they would not understand anyway.

010. Lie: I apologise, I wasnt aware that you had something you wanted to hide.

011. Forgive: Apology accepted; and the next time you want Oreos, Flash, you only have to ask.

012. Lose: It is exactly as he said: He has survived the loss of one family he will survive the loss of another.

013. Want: She smiles at him and her thoughts offer nothing less and nothing more than honesty, trust and kindness, even though she doesnt even speak his language… Jonn thinkshe must be in love.

014. Bury: There had been no burial for the Martians who died in the final battle Jonn would never have been capable of servicing them all; yet this does not seem much comfort, even five hundred years later, long after their corpses have rotted into dust.

015. Choke: He says her name, and finds that it is the first time in centuries he has been able to do so without choking:Myriah

016. Burn: The fire is close enough that he doesnt have to imagine the burning, and Jonn finds he cant quite focus again until the flames have flickered and died.

017. Change: It seems that for Jonn Jonzz,centuries alone below ground was nothing in comparison to three hours in the company of the most gifted and confusing six people on planet earth.

018. Regret: Five hundred years worth of regrets… its surprising to him that everyone seems to think hes a good person to go to for advice.

019. Slip: Uh, hey Jonn, you do know that Shayera and Wally arent allowed in the kitchen together at the same tim what do you mean it slipped your mind?

020. Smirk: Maybe one of the strangest things Clark has learned so far about Martians is that, in their natural form, they are incapable of smiling with their mouths, at any rate.

021. Fragile: There is nothing weak about the Martian psyche what with having the thoughts and feelings of half a planet in there, he cant afford for there to be.

022. Secret: Secrets are another thing which Jonn has no need for not because of any particular Martian philosophy, but because he has seen too many lives destroyed when small omissions of truth become blatant lies.

023. Past: It saddens him that he cannot quite remember the away his childrens thought patterns felt.

24. Fantasy: She offered me everything I ever wanted, everything I had lost… for a moment it was almost enough.

025. Enough: Shayera is muttering about her lack of opportunity to attack things in the previous battle, Wally is laughing inside and out, Clark is keeping the peace, Bruce is… Bruce is Bruce, and for the moment, there is nothing more that Jonn needs.

026. Dream: Theyre always a disruption: after all, he has enough to deal with hearing everybody elses without having dreams of his own.

027. Waste: Father, if there are really so many other planets out there like ours, will I ever see them?

028. Hope: He holds back until the final second before letting go of the mental illusion, and feeling a surge of triumph as Batman slips unexpectedly back into the world of the living amidst the cries of Impiriums rage.

029. Note:


Assisting with bushfire relief efforts in Australia, home soon, will bring Oreos

Love, Jonn.

030. Hug: Its not that he wasnt expecting it, but Flash reaching out and hugging him for that one instant was almost enough to break his resolve.

031. Passion: Its probably one of the emotions he has the least difficulty understanding the desire to come together as one is not simply a human instinct, after all.

032. Hold: It takes him only a few seconds to reclaim Flash’s signal within the depths of the speedforce, and hold onto it with all his might.

033. Right: He will not abandon them when he is needed that had never been his way.

034. Wrong: He is still a Martian he still abhors murder in all its forms; but he learned quickly once before he can learn again.

035. Strong: Okay, theres another thing we can add to the list of things not to do in the Watchtower get Jonn to open anything with a screw lid.

I said I was sorry, perhaps next time you will purchase pickles with a stronger jar.

036. Wind: The breeze over the arctic is speckled with ice and burns the skin but this bothers him little; Mars was never particularly humid, after all.

037. Paranoid: Its difficult to be paranoid when youre a mind reader you already know everything about whos lying, whos out to get who, and who just stole your Oreos from the communal kitchen.

038. Moment: It takes less than an instant for the fragile chains between them all to snap and many, many months to piece them back together afterwards.

039. Song: Goodness, I dont think Ive ever heard a Martian singing be

Martha, shh.


040. Touch: It takes her several instances to realise that the faint brushing against the back of her mind is mental and not physical, and smiles she can always tell when hes home.

041. Shake: I fail to understand this character… and I do not see how there is any notable difference in this drink depending on whether it is shaken or stirred.

042. Psychic : What is it this time, Wally? And please, do not tell me you wish to patch a communication through to Fire again; I am not a telepathic instant messaging service.

043. Spirit: That is a difficult question to answer, Donald. Martians are born with awareness of the thoughts and feelings and pains and dreams of all those who surround us, were cognizant of our own being from birth, I suppose… souls have never been a particular necessity.

044. Magick: While he lacks Supermans outright aversion to magical attacks, Jonn has to admit there is nothing quite as distracting as Dr Fate probing into your mind especially when its usually you who does the probing.

045. God: A huge chunk of metropolis has vanished in a glare of light and Jonn realises that Its times like this that he wishes there were a Martian God.

046. Ghost: He sings- more out of a necessary instinct than any particular emotion and the ghosts of his people linger in the melody long after the song has ended.

047. Belong: he feels a sense of belonging in the crowded streets of Hubei, and the echoing corridors of the Metro Tower: but his heart is of Mars, and always shall be.

048. Tear(s): Martians are incapable of tears they cry with their song and their voices, and even a whisper of their fears can send shudders down a mortal mans spine.

049. Drown: The argument feels as if its been going on forever deep inside of their minds, and Jonn would almost be relieved that it is finally showing itself, if it werent for the fact that the emotions are storming him in an absolute deluge, and hes somehow the one having to calm everyone down.

050. Writers’ Choice: We candont let go shes hererememberJonns listening inI can do this I canOh god theres so manyI dont know where to look I dont know where tocalm just parademons itsbrother, wheres my brother what if heI cant do thiswe can do this weIm scaredsupposed to be superheroes damn itI dont understandWhy cant IEveryone. Listen. Stay calm. We can do this.Was thatThat was Jonn right?That was… hey was thatAw, man, long time no telepathic link, man!Jonn!one more for our sideHes right you knowHes right. We can do this.

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