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Justice League Porn Story: Amazon Fables Chapter 4

Justice League Porn Story: Amazon Fables Chapter 4

Chapter 4:
Getting to Know You

It had been several
months since that faithful chapter that started the Justice League.
Batman had developed a crush on Wonder Woman and was pretty flirty at
times. Wonder Woman often just blew them off, but he kept coming back
anyway. Batman saw Wonder Woman nearby and ran over.

What do you want
Bruce? She asked with her arms crossed.

As you know, Im
here to understand womans world better. He said, stating the
obvious as if she didnt know. Im getting to understand each
of my teammates for a personal diagnosis.

You havent
figured me out yet? She responded icily.

Of course I
have. He said snootily which caused a smirk in response from
Wonder Woman. I would like to know some things however, that I
couldnt know.

Like what? She

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