Justice League Pornography Story: Resurrecting the Crimson Chapter 30

Justice League Pornography Story: Resurrecting the Crimson Chapter 30

Resurrecting the Red

Chapter 30: Digital Warfare, Pt. II

Bruce Wayne looked away from the computer screens to see Wally and Booster Gold exit a turbolift. The old man felt a flash of anger towards the doctor.

Youre taking him with you? Bruce asked coldly. He knew full well that Wallys body was still unstable.

Against my better judgment, the doctor sighed. A perturbed look flashed across his face and Bruce felt his anger vanish.

He conned you into it, didnt he? Bruce asked dryly. The doctor nodded as Wally smiled innocently.

Hes good at that, the billionaire added. Wallys smile widened.

Dont worry, Dr. Carter said. At the first sign of trouble Im shipping him back up to you. The smile fell from Wallys face.

What!? Wally asked. This time, it was the doctors turn to smile innocently.

You didnt expect a doctor to be overruled by his patient, did you? Booster Gold asked serenely. A hint of steel lay beneath his quiet voice. Wally gulped, causing Bruces lips to twitch in amusement.

Umno Wally said reluctantly. The speedster noted in annoyance that Diana was chuckling softly as she watched the exchange.

Youre not going down there without a mask, are you? Bruce asked suddenly. He sternly gazed at the younger man, which didnt affect him in the least.

Pffof course not, Wally answered. He held up a black mask that was similar to what Dick Grayson had once worn. Booster Gold had pulled it out of a storage room for Wally to borrow.

Why not dress as the Flash? Diana asked. You were wearing a Flash suit when you were pulled out of the Speed Force. Wally gave a shrug.

Davids the Flash now, Wally answered. I dont feel right wearing it. Diana smiled at that.

I hate to interrupt, but we need to leave, Dr. Carter interrupted politely. Wally nodded and put the mask on.

Lead on Dr. B, the speedster said. The doctor paused in surprise and raised an eyebrow.

What? he asked. Wally smiled and placed a hand over the younger mans shoulder.

Booster, Boosterthere is so much I have to teach you, he said.

I assure you, that I will most likely be an unwilling student, Stephen replied.

You have much to learn, young Padawan, Wally said. The doctor smiled wryly as they beamed down to the planet.

After the two men left, Bruce turned and looked at Diana.

He reminds me a little of Jonn, Bruce remarked, surprised.

Who reminds you of Jonn? A different voice asked. Bruce and Diana turned around to see the elderly figure of John Stewart shuffling slowly their way, leaning on a cane.

John, Diana greeted him warmly. Im glad you could join us.

My son and wife are on the mission, how could I not? John asked. The old Marine settled himself down into a nearby chair with a sigh. These old bones will be the death of me, he mumbled.

Feeling age catching up, are you John? Bruce smirked.

This old man can still cause trouble, John quipped back. Beneath his wrinkled face, his dark eyes still held a window to the will of iron that remained below his aging body.

I never had any doubt about that, Bruce said wryly.

Sowhore we talking about? John asked again.

Booster, Diana answered.

Ahgood kid, John observed.

Tell me about him, Bruce said. He knew next to nothing about the younger man. Hed begun to look through all of the files on the newer League members, but he hadnt yet made it to the new Booster Gold.

Why are you interested? Diana asked.

Because Im me, came the response. The Amazon smiled.

He was in the army reserves for six years, where he was trained as a medic, Diana said.


Hmmno, I think he was an officer.

Whered he go to medical school? Bruce asked.

That I dont remember, Diana answered. Youll have to look that up. He runs a clinic now in San Antonio. I know hes involved in a lot of social work, because he also volunteers for the Red Cross. Diana paused as she watched Bruce work.

Hes done a lot for the League, John added. We usually send him along on the more dangerous missions since he also acts as a field medic for the League. Hes also instituted emergency medical training for the League members to take part in.

We had that before, Bruce pointed out. Everyone in the League, whether a Leaguer or support staff, was required to learn CPR and the basics.

We did, we still do actually, Diana said. But he added a more specialized program specifically for the Leaguers. Those who complete the program earn certificates to be stand in medics. This caught Bruces attention.

This is so that there can be a trained medic on each League mission, Bruce stated. That was a smart move. How many have completed the program?

Five so far, including myself, the Amazon answered. Its a pretty intense program, but its worth it.

Who else has completed it?

Green Arrow, Mr. Miracle, Aquagirl, and Captain Marvel, Diana answered. At the moment, Huntress is the only one in the program. However, I know that Green Lantern has expressed interest in it.

We should make it a goal to have at least a quarter of the League trained in it, Bruce said. The old man made it a silent goal to shove Terry and David into the program. It would be good for them to have emergency medical training anyway.

We? John asked. I take it youve decided to become more involved in the League again? He saw Bruces lips twitch into a brief smile.

It appears that you need me, Bruce Wayne said. Someone has to keep Kent in line. Its a wonder that the League was even still functioning with him in charge.

Bruce, Diana admonished.


You know what.

Enlighten me, he said.

Stubborn ass.

Booster, Im glad you could Shayera stopped in mid-sentence and glared at the red haired man standing next to Booster Gold. Wally grinned innocently.

WaFlash! Shayera yelled. Why are you here?

I think you have me confused with my grandson, Wally said. Hes the Flash, not me. Shayera gave an agitated growl and smacked Wally in the arm. The speedster gave a yelp.

Booster let me come, Wally explained hurriedly. Shayera turned her glare on the doctor. However, Booster Gold ignored it as he began to examine the clones.

Uhbut he said I have to go back at the first sign of trouble, Wally added reluctantly. He didnt want the doctor to be the target of Shayeras wrath.

Has there been any sign of Luthor yet? The speedster asked suddenly.

No, but Max is currently tracking the source of the hack. We should know pretty soon, the Question answered. She was currently walking among the cryotubes.

Cant Jonn sense her location? Wally asked.

No, Terry answered. He says that something is blocking him.

Wally turned and studied the younger man. This was the first time that he had personally encountered the new Batman. David had told him a little about Terry McGinnis and Wally had looked forward to meeting his grandsons friend. However, Wally West was a professional. Now wasnt the time to bombard the teenager with questions.

Even so, Wally couldnt resist teasing the younger man.

I hear you can actually communicate like a normal human being, Wally said. Im surprised you havent been corrupted yet by the King of Gloom. The speedster smiled when he heard a snicker from the teenager.

The King of Gloom can communicate pretty well when hes yelling at me, Batman answered. Being a nonsociable workaholic is his hobby.

You forgot the god complex, Wally added.

Nah, I pretty much prevent him from having one nowadays, Terry McGinnis said. Me driving him up and down the wall on a daily basis does that to him.

My God, Wally said with mock surprise. Ive found a kindred spirit.

Congratulations Flash, Shayera said dryly. But weve got work to do. You two can be kindred spirits later.

Wally chuckled as he turned his mind to the mission. However, the subject of his and Terrys conversation couldnt resist adding his input from up on the Watchtower.

The King of Gloom will be waiting for your return, an irritated Bruce said flatly.

You know what? Wally asked. Since Im not officially the Flash anymore, Im thinking about changing my name to Bat Flash.

Bruce Wayne muttered incoherently from his vantage point up on the Watchtower.

Maxine Gibson felt a smirk playing at her lips. She had succeeded in blocking about twenty five percent of the files off from the hacker so far. The teenager was also fairly certain she knew where the hack was coming from.

However, she didnt want to be fairly certain. She wanted to be sure.

The teenager was so intent on her job that she was startled by a hand on her shoulder. Sam Young apologized for disrupting her concentration. The district attorney placed a cup of cold water next the teenager.

You look thirsty, he said. He pulled out a rag and wiped the sweat off of the young womans face as she worked.

Barbaras still busy, but she wanted me to tell you to keep up the good work, Sam said. His wife had told him that Max might need a little encouragement. Barbara was keeping up on the situation, but was currently unable to do more to help the teenager.

Thanks, Max muttered, her mind still focused on the task at hand. Sam took no offense. However, he decided to stay nearby in case she needed support.

Hah! she suddenly shouted. Ive got it! Watchtower, Im sending you the coordinates of the hack. Its not far from the warehouse!

Understood, Bruce Wayne answered. Well take care of it.

Max nodded absentmindedly as she now turned her full focus to the other task at hand. She still had to stop the hack.

Lets go, Shayera ordered. Warhawk, you come with me. Batman and Question, stay here with

Im going, the Question said suddenly. Shayeras eyes flashed at the younger woman.

Thats an order

I have business with Luthor, Erin Szasz said coldly. Or did you forget what her father did to mine? The Thanagarian paused and nodded after a moment. Shed forgotten that Lex Luthor had been responsible for beating up Vic Sage and handing him over to Cadmus to be tortured.

Fine. Batman, stay here with Booster and Flash

Bat Flash the speedster corrected.

Shut up Wally.

I love you too Shay.

Shayera rolled her eyes as she, her son, and the Question hurried out of the warehouse. The Thanagarian couldnt help smiling as they made their way to the coordinates that Max had sent them.

It was good to have Wally back.

After they left, Terry turned to Wally West and raised an eyebrow.

Bat Flash? he questioned.

What? Id like to see you come up with a better name, Wally countered.

Wally, Bruce warned.

I think its perfect, Terry smirked.

Terry! Bruce shouted.

I think were going to get along just fine, Wally said. He and Terry shook hands.


Alexandra Luthor hissed when the walls of her hiding place shook. The red haired woman activated a few security measures as she continued to focus on the computer in front of her.

Damn it, she swore. Someone was preventing her from accessing her own files. Luthor had managed to download some, but not the ones she was really after. Whoever was blocking her was good.

The walls shook again. A sudden current of energy finally blasted through. Alexandra cursed as a woman wielding a mace flew through, followed by her son and a faceless woman in a blue trenchcoat.

No choice then. If she couldnt have the files, then shed have to find another way to preserve them.

Alexandra entered a new command into the computer and turned to face the three Leaguers.


Shit! Max yelled.

What happened? Bruce asked. His sharp voice crackled violently over the loud speaker.

She activated one of the cryotubes and downloaded some files into one of the clones, Max answered hurriedly. I managed to block about half of the transfer, but I couldnt stop the other half!

What did she download? Bruce demanded.

Im not sure, but the file was called LLmemorydata, she answered. Silence greeted her from the other end. The teenager jumped when she heard Bruce Wayne suddenly swear violently on the other end.

LL, Bruce said flatly. Lex Luthor. She just downloaded half of the virtual memories of Lex Luthor into one of his clones.

From the looks of it, Booster Gold said over the communication line, Hes waking up.

Thats not the worst of it, Max added. It looks like the command she entered…programmed the system to destroy the other clones after this one wakes up.

Destroy!? Terry asked. How!? Its not going to blow up?

That wouldnt be logical, Bruce answered for Max. If she blew up the warehouse, shed also destroy the clone she just activated.

Hes right, Max agreed, her fingers flying across the keyboard. It looks like a chemical is automatically going to be released in the tubes that will cause the other clones to break down on a molecular level. Im currently working to stop it.

In the meantime, lets go greet our new friend, Terry said dryly.

Shayera spread her wings and did an aerial somersault as she avoided the weapons discharge from Luthors weapon. The other red haired woman ducked behind a piece of machinery for cover. Her eyes intent on the two threats from the air, Alexandra failed to notice the threat from behind.

A sharp fist to her face caused Luthor to stagger back. She winced as another painful blow rammed into her stomach. Alexandra spit out blood and fell to her knees, her eyes watering in pain. A foot kicked the gun out of her hand.

Luthor looked up to see a faceless woman staring down at her.

That was for what your father did to mine, the Question said coldly. The vigilante reached down and hauled Luthor up by the collar.

This ones for the shit youve caused us.

Luthor winced as another blow knocked her back several meters, causing her to crash painfully into her computer.

The Question planted a foot firmly onto the womans chest and reached up to press the communication link in her ear.

Watchtower, she said calmly. Mission accomplished. Weve got her.

A man slowly opened his eyes. He blinked them blurrily, but his vision was still fuzzy. He wasnt sure if it was supposed to be that way.

His mind was very fuzzy too.

A door hissed open in front of him and the man fell out. He managed to break his fall with his hands, but it was still a little painful. He shivered as the cool air met his naked skin.

So this is him, a voice said. The man looked up to see three figures standing in front of him.

Who are you? the man asked. The three strangers looked at each other and then back at the confused, and now slightly frightened, man.

A man dressed in gold stepped forward carefully and knelt in front of him. His golden hair matched his uniform and his brown eyes stared kindly at him.

We can be your friends, the man in gold answered. The stranger pressed a hand to the mans neck.

Your pulse is normal, the stranger continued. Lets take you up to the Watchtower. My staff can take a closer look at you to make sure youre healthy.

Watchtower? the man asked. He stared wide eyed at his surroundings, not sure what to make of everything.

Ill go with him, you two stay here, a stranger with red hair suddenly said. You need to monitor the other clones.


Good idea, the stranger in black said. The man with red hair also knelt down. He pulled off the jacket he was wearing and put it around the man.

The man wondered briefly how he knew it was called a jacket.

Lets go, the red haired man said gently. You look cold.

The man nodded.


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